Saturday, October 3, 2009

YES I said it.

Boys are stupid.

I knew this when I was 5. How is it that I forget over and over again, only to come back to this conclusion? There must be some reason I give 2nd and 3rd and 7,000th chances for them to redeem themselves only to again conclude...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snuggling aint for everybody.

Theory #1

Snuggling aint for everybody.

Some people are just good at it. Much like sports or poetry some people know how to touch other people. I am a high quality snuggle picker, always have been. My last few lovers have been a little less then great at it, so the need to have it is higher then usual. Being a great snuggler is on my short list of things the person in my life needs to be able to do WELL. My snuggle partner, lets just call him Amazing. Amazing and I were in bed, we fell into the rhythm of how WE sleep when this typically not so dominate guy turned into a master snuggle machine!!! He may in fact be the best snuggler ever (go ME!)
HOW TO KNOW IF YOU ARE A SNUGGLE MASTER: You have to want to snuggle,
want to touch each other and want to be held. So the question is ARE YOU WILLING? The key is: More then anything you have to be willing. To hold, to be held, to be close, to be vulnerable, to be still and let the moment happen. In a time where everything happens at microwave speed, snuggling can be difficult. You have to surrender, let go of the insecurity. You have to let the darkness provide the mystery and let instincts lead you. And when you find the right combination of need and want, snuggle magic happens almost seamlessly.